AQUA Engineering (AQUA) is a civil engineering firm specializing in municipal engineering, water resources, water and wastewater treatment design, and environmental services. We are located in Bountiful, Utah and Denver, Colorado and have provided engineering services to clients in Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, California and Hawaii since 1991. With our affiliates, SKM Engineering and Aqua Environmental Services, we are able to provide complete solutions to any water and wastewater treatment need.



AQUA’s principal engineers take a hands-on approach in overseeing projects from initial planning and funding through final design and construction to ensure our work is finished on time, within budget, and complies with the highest standards. Most of our work is from repeat clients who recognize our efficiency gives them the most value for their investment. AQUA is well known for providing quality services with minimum overhead. We know how important it is to do more with less in today’s economy. It’s how we have always done things.



AQUA’s experience in water and wastewater treatment engineering goes well beyond textbook designs, and is based on years of touring treatment facilities, talking with operators, and providing operation and maintenance services for more than 200 treatment facilities. The depth of our experience includes a proven track record in municipal water treatment, water distribution, industrial wastewater treatment, facility structure design, sewer collection and pumping, water resource development, mapping and modeling, hydrologic and environmental studies and master plan development.