Turning Trash into Treasure

Wasatch Resource Recovery, turning trash into treasure.  AQUA Engineering’s WRR project as highlighted on Utopia TV.


Wasatch Resource Recovery (WRR) in Pilot Phase

March 2019 –  The past two weeks we have been busy at work launching our pilot mode. In that time, we have already collected and diverted 2,000 tons of food waste from our pilot participants. This has included liquid manufacturing waste, solid organic waste from restaurants and grocery stores, and bottled and canned food waste. So far all of the depackaging machines and the degrit machine are working perfectly!

In the coming weeks we will be balancing the pH and “seeding” the digester tanks with a healthy established microorganism colony that will grow and continue to break down food waste once we are fully operational.

As more companies from around the valley we are getting closer to filling the two 2.5 million-gallon digesters. Explore the WRR website to find out who is participating or sign your business up to divert food waste.  For more information, visit:  Wasatch Resource Recovery




Wasatch Resource Recovery Featured in Local News

After a successful open house, Wasatch Resource Recovery was featured in several articles, highlighting the project before it opens for operation next week. Wasatch Resource Recovery will be taking food waste and using it to produce fertilizer and usable bio-gas. The project was featured on articles on Fox13, KUTV, ABC4, and Deseret News. Videos and links to said articles can be found below.

From Fox13

Read the full article here.


From ABC4:

Read the full article here.

Deseret News


Wasatch Resource Recovery Open House

Wasatch Resource Recovery(WRR) has announced their open house as the facility nears completion! Come and get a walkthrough of the facility to see how it all works before full operation begins. Tours will be offered at the anaerobic digester facility, and food and beverages will be provided by businesses who will be diverting food waste to be processed at WRR. See the announcement on WRR’s website here.


Wasatch Resource Recovery featured at 2018 Governor’s Energy Summit

One of our largest current projects was recently featured at the 2018 Governer’s Energy Summit in Utah. Wasatch Resource Recovery(WRR) is a facility that takes food waste (including Fats, Oils, and Grease) and converts it via anaerobic digester into usable products such as bio-gas and fertilizer. WRR is operated as part of a partnership between ALPRO Energy & Water and South Davis Sewer District. Check out the full article here or watch the video below!


Central Valley Energy Recovery Project

In August 2013 ALPRO Energy & Water was awarded a contract to assess the feasibility of upgrading Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility’s existing treatment plant. AQUA Engineering is excited to be part of ALPRO’s team. The study evaluates upgrades to the anaerobic digesters, the hot water system, the gas treatment system, and generation system.  If the project is deemed feasible, ALPRO will be the solids manager  building and operating a receiving station that will accept municipal biosolids, FOG, and food waste products to be co-digested in the existing digesters.


Alder generators

Tooele WRF – Solar Drying Facility

AQUA Engineering provided engineering design and construction management services for the Tooele Water Reclamation Facility Upgrade Phases 1A and 1B. These upgrades included a new clarifier, additional aeration in the oxidation ditches, UV disinfection, biosolids dewatering, a sludge holding tank and a solar drying facility. Construction of the facility was completed in 2012 and the facility upgrade has won awards including “Top 10 in the Nation” from Water & Wastes Digested News and the Water Environment Association of Utah’s “Outstanding Biosolids Program Award”.

Oakley, UT – MBR Wastewater Treatment Facility


AQUA Engineering was contracted by Oakley City to design and build the first MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor) facility in Utah.  The facility can treat 200,000 gallons per day using the Zenon Zeeweed hollow fiber membrane system. Other treatment technologies included the main pump station, headworks fine screening, anoxic basins, aeration basins, membrane tanks, UV disinfection, a small belt press for dewatering, full laboratory, electrical controls, and a full SCADA system for remote monitoring and operations. All of this was inside of a simple, barn-like building that blended into the surrounding area. Most residents have no idea that a treatment plant is in their neighborhood.

This project received the 2005 ACEC Grand Award for Engineering Excellence.