Teton Valley Water Reclamation Facility

Completed 2013 (estimated)

Cost $8 million

Size 1.2 MGD

Type MSABP (multi-stage activated biological process)

AQUA Engineering provided a Facility Plan for the City of Driggs, Idaho that addressed potential growth of the sewer system service area and new permit effluent requirements. The Facility Plan explored several upgrade alternatives for the wastewater treatment plant site including utilizing a Multi-Stage Activated Biological Process (MSABP). The plan also provided preliminary capital and O&M cost estimates for the recommended MSABP process, as well as explored a multi-city/agency agreement to provide a more regional facility to service Driggs, Victor, and other nearby unincorporated areas. The Facility Plan included working with the Idaho DEQ to complete the Environmental Information Documents (EIDs) to secure funding for the project. Design on the new MSABP WWTO facility was completed and approved in May 2012 and construction began in July. Construction has progressed ahead of schedule and is expected to be completed in 2013.