Oakley Water Reclamation Facility

Completed 2003

Client Oakley City

Cost $2.1 Million

Size  200,000 gpd expandable to 250,000 gpd

Type Membrane Bioreactor

AQUA Engineering was contracted by Oakley City to design and build the first MBR facility in Utah. Besides the use of the Zenon Zeeweed hollow fiber membrane, other treatment technologies included the main pump station, headworks fine screening, anoxic basins, aeration basins, membrane tanks, UV disinfection, a small belt press for dewatering, full laboratory, electrical controls, and a full SCADA system for remote monitoring and operations. All of this was inside of a simple, barn-like building that blended into the surrounding area. Most residents have no idea that a treatment plant is in their neighborhood.

Oakley City previously employed a series of lagoons to treat its wastewater prior to its discharge into the Weber River . The river flows into a reservoir about 15 miles away that is used for drinking water and has a drinking water diversion at the river outlet to the reservoir. This existing facility frequently flirted with violations of its discharge permit to the river so the City took a proactive approach to improving the quality of the effluent from their treatment facility. The facility currently treats up to 200,000 gallons per day and can be easily expanded to provide for the 20-year design flow of 250,000 gallons per day by simply adding some membranes and associated equipment. This facility has been operational since June 2003 and has produced and discharged effluent of drinking water quality since that time. The effluent averages non-detect BOD, TSS, ammonia, and bacteria, with total nitrogen being less than 5 mg/l.