Spanish Fork Wastewater Treatment Facility

Completed 2011

Cost $6.7 million

Size 4.9 MGD

Type IFAS (STM Aerotor)

Spanish Fork had a trickling filter treatment facility and the original trickling filter had a failure in the column holding the distributor arms. In addition, the City received a new permit with an ammonia limit. Through a planning process the plant was evaluated for both biological and hydraulic capacity. It was determined that the biological capacity needed to be expanded to replace the old trickling filter and the new ammonia limit. Several STM aerotors were installed to address the biological capacity limitations. The hydraulic capacity was limited through the primary clarifiers and one of the old secondary clarifiers were converted to a primary clarifier. A new secondary clarifier was installed to account for the hydraulic changes made by converting the old secondary to a primary. A mass balance was evaluated and it was determined that a new digester was required to treat the biosolids