Tooele Water Reclamation Facility

Completed 2012

Client Tooele City, UT

Cost $5 million

Size 3.4 MGD

Type Oxidation Ditch

AQUA worked with the City of Tooele to develop an expansion plan for both biological and solids treatment process for average daily flows of 3.4 MGD while considering future expansions. The original plant design and construction, completed by others, left the facility with very tight hydraulics and caused significant plant issues and process overflows during peak events. AQUA developed a spreadsheet-based hydraulic profile of all conveyance structures in the plant to determine bottlenecks and problem areas. The model was also used to evaluate how improvements would resolve the hydraulic issues. These improvements were implemented at the facility, restoring previous design hydraulic capacity and expanding that capacity to 3.4 MGD. Biological modeling was used to determine the existing oxidation ditch capacity and how the ditches could be modified to increase the biological capacity. The capacity was expanded by installing diffused aeration while the overall plant power usage was decreased.