Wasatch Resource Recovery

Wasatch Resource Recovery is Utah’s first and only anaerobic digester dedicated to food waste.

Location North Salt Lake, UT

Completion November 2018

Type Nutrient Recovery

Cost $45 Million

The main focus of the Wasatch Resource Recovery (WRR) project is to divert organic wastes from local landfills, composting operations, and land applications sites which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and converts the wastes into biogas and a carbon-based fertilizer. The incoming organic wastes will be processed at the WRR receiving facilities to remove any plastics and packaging and then on to anaerobic digestion. The organic wastes will include source separated food waste, expired bottled beverages, fats, oils, and grease (FOG), food processing waste, and organic waste. Carbon Dioxide separated from the biogas will be reclaimed for offsite use and to also grow algae onsite. The biosolids will be utilized as a soil amendment and a carbon-based fertilizer. The renewable natural gas will be upgraded to pipeline quality and injected into the Dominion distribution system.

We are in the Pilot Phase!  For current project status, please visit:  WRR Project Status