Wolf Creek Water Reclamation Facility

Completed 2008

Client Wolf Creek Sewer Improvement District

Cost $5.3 million

Size 500,000 gpd expandable to 1 mgd

Type Membrane Bioreactor

AQUA Engineering planned and designed a wastewater treatment system for an existing community, close to three ski resorts in the Ogden Valley. The firm was hired by the Wolf Creek Sewer District to evaluate alternatives to reclaim the wastewater in the current lagoon system and expand the existing system, design a new system, and provide construction management services. The water meets Type I reuse requirements and is used on a golf course in the summer months and stored in a large man-made lake in the winter. There is zero discharge to surface waters as the basin is closed to any surface water permits. A membrane bioreactor (MBR) was selected for the treatment system. Critical aspects of the facility include fine screening, process tanks and biological treatment systems, UV disinfection facility, rapid infilltration basins, and standby power. The facility can be doubled in size by adding process tanks and a simple building addition.