Designing a water or wastewater treatment facility takes more than a textbook approach. AQUA’s years of troubleshooting facilities, listening to operators, providing operation and maintenance services and working in the trenches result in systems that work and that are affordable.


Water Resources

The business of water becomes increasingly important as the demands on local and regional water resources increase and regulatory requirements become more stringent. Water resources are a specialty of the firm and we’ve got what it takes to meet your water resource challenges.



Each municipality and service district has its own unique challenges and way of operating. Our goal is to understand those challenges and find solutions that best fit your circumstances and operations. We listen to your ideas instead of imposing our solutions on you.




Working in the environmental field means action with a focus on designs that are self-sustaining and environmentally enhancing. AQUA helps both public entities and private industries in permit compliance, mitigating violations and fines, and negotiating fair and balanced permits.



Construction Management

We provide construction management and inspection services on most of our engineering projects. In some cases we team with the client’s staff to reduce costs. Regular progress meetings are held to keep the client apprised of progress and maintain efficient communications between all parties.



Renewable Energy

Natural resources are precious and we are dedicated to designing projects that reuse as much waste and reclaimed water as possible. We incorporate technologies into our designs that allow us to harvest energy from sources that would typically be wasted.